A 100% cotton face mask in a camouflage print. Comes with snaps to hold the comfortable ear ties you cut to your desired length.

Command-Oh Snap Mask™

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Looking to command attention from everyone that crosses your path? Wanting to be protected yet invisible? Well, we can't guarantee either of those things. We can however, guarantee a great fitted mask that's comfortable on your ears, provides great protection, all while looking pretty darn cool!

Perfect for men, women, and children for school, work, or daily errands.

All Snap Mask™ are reversible, made and comfortable enough to breath in for long or short hours.


  • Two comfortable black ear ties to tie, snap, and go!
  • Six layers (two outer and four inner) for sizes S-XXS
  • Seven layers (two outer and five inner, including a puffy inner layer) for sizes L-M
  • White snaps
  • Flexible nose bridges for adult sizes L-M


Hand wash and air dry


Fabric: 100% Cotton

Inner layers: 100% Polyester

Inner Most layer for size L-M: 100% Needle punched cotton

Strings: Polyester Spandex

 Size guide Reference:

  • Large (Men/Women+)
  • Medium (Women/teens/older children)
  • Small (Children approx. 7-8 years)
  • XS (Children approx. 5-6yrs)
  • XXS (Children approx. 3-4yrs)